It is an All-rounder! On the Development of Metal Halide Perovskite-Based Fluorescent Sensors and Radiation Detectors

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Aamir, Muhammad
Shahiduzzaman, Md.
Taima, Tetsuya
Akhtar, Javeed
Nunzi, Jean-Michel
Fluorescent Sensors , Metal Halide Perovskites , Radiation Detectors
Metal halide perovskites (MHPs) dominate the class of wet processed semiconductors due to high photoluminescence (PLQY), tunable emission over a wide wavelength range, high carrier mobilities, and high absorption coefficient. Owing to these remarkable properties, MHPs cover next generation applications such as solar cells, light emitting diodes, lasers, photocatalysts, etc. Beside these fascinating applications, MHPs attract increased attention as fluorescent sensors for various chemical analytes and environmental changes such as temperature, etc. Likewise, high energy radiation detection was also displayed by the MHPs, like in scintillators. Here, we review the latest advances in MHPs fluorescent sensors and high energy X-ray, gamma-ray and beta detectors. We discuss the basics including match-mismatch of MHPs for fluorescent sensing and radiation detection applications. Moreover, the mechanistic understanding of fluorescent sensing and radiation detection by MHPs is also elaborated. We conclude with outlooks on future opportunities for MHPs fluorescent sensors and high energy radiation detectors.