Beyond the One-Shot: Providing Integrated Instruction for Large, First-Year Classes

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Andrychuk, Sylvia
Coyne, Morag
information literacy , large class instruction , biology , sociology , poster , WebCT
First year university students need basic information retrieval and evaluation skills to prosper in their academic journey. However, the large class size of most first year classes can be a daunting challenge to librarians teaching information literacy skills. At Queen's University, librarians have introduced a multi-faceted, collaborative, course integrated approach for large, first-year classes in Sociology (~600 students) and Biology (~800 students). In both courses, a combination of class/tutorial lecturing, online instruction, and WebCT has been used to introduce students to the specific information skills they need for their assignments. In addition, the "library component" is a required, marked part of both courses. This poster session will outline the information literacy skills taught in these courses, how these skills are integrated with course assignments, and the ongoing assessment and evaluation of this instruction.
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