St. Anthony Abbot

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Benedetto da Maiano
St. Anthony Abbot
This painted wood sculpture of St. Anthony Abbot was originally made (in 1482-3) to be the central figure of an altarpiece, flanked by paintings by Filippino Lippi. The ensemble was made for Santa Maria del Corso in Lucca, and the sculpture is now in Museo di Villa Guinigi in Lucca, whereas the paintings are in the Norton Simon Foundation in Pasadena. The contract reveals that the patrons, the Bernardi family, commissioned the ensemble from Filippino Lippi, who then agreed to sub-contract the sculpture to "one of the best masters in Florence." Some scholars have suggested that the subtle original polychromy can be attributed to Lippi. This division of labour (a sculptor to create the form and a painter to add the colour) was common in the quattrocento. Photograph(s) licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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