Black Gloss Ceramics From Cerveteri: The Vigna Marini Project 2012

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Bedingfield, Tori
Caere , Black Gloss Ceramics , Rome , Production , Etruscan
The purpose of this thesis is threefold: to catalogue the black gloss ceramics excavated by the Vigna Marini project in Cerveteri in 2012; to understand the relationship between Rome and Caere in terms of ceramic production, especially in the third century BCE; and to highlight the importance of archaeometric analysis in ceramic studies. Using a firmly established typology of black gloss ceramics, a qualitative analysis of the ceramics of this type recovered in Cerveteri, and archaeometric studies, I show that black gloss production remained relatively stable in Caere during Rome’s expansion into Italy. This is significant for the understanding of Caere’s economy during this period: it has been commonly held that Caere suffered an economic crisis in the third century BCE, but this thesis strongly argues for economic stability.
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