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Baxter, Jaela
Brecknock, Samantha
World War II , Gender , Technology , Health , DDT , Propaganda , Nazis , Atomic Bomb , Hiroshima , Nagasaki , Women , Homefront , War Effort , Primary Sources
The overall goal of this resource pack is to provide educators with lessons that can lead towards nurturing historical inquiry in the classroom. The objective for each lesson is centered on the idea that students can and should reflect on the past critically. This can be done under the following strands: Cause and Consequence, Evidence, Continuity and Change, Historical Significance, Historical Perspectives, and the Ethical Dimension. The lesson concerned with Cause and Consequence focuses on the impact of the insecticide DDT on health and the environment. Evidence is explored through the evaluation of primary and secondary sources on the atomic bombs decimating Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Continuity and Change is explored through the shift in the roles of women both on the homefront and out in the field. Historical Significance is accompanied by a lesson on ten major technological advancements during this time period. Historical Perspectives is demonstrated by the comparison of wartime propaganda from various countries. The Ethical Dimension can be introduced through a lesson on Nazi technology and ties to industry. By exploring these six strands, both teachers and students can achieve a more complete consideration and appreciation of history. Students will demonstrate their learning through a variety of assessment methods such as a debate, graphic organizers, presentations, discussion, and reflective responses.
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