Adopting Obligations: Duties to Existing Children

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Teeple Hopkins, Morgan
This thesis argues that infertile prospective parents have a moral obligation to adopt rather than pursue ARTs (Assisted Reproductive Technology). The first chapter presents the negative argument against the common desire among prospective parents for a genetically related child. After refuting the five most promising reasons for wanting a biological child, I show that the burden of proof lies with defenders of ARTs to justify their use. In the second chapter I make the moral case in favour of adoption. By drawing an analogy to a standard and incontrovertible duty to aid case, I argue that infertile prospective parents have a duty to adopt. The final chapter justifies limiting the scope of my argument to the infertile. I argue that unlike fertile parents, the infertile who elect to pursue ARTs are clearly willing and able to assume additional costs in order to have a child. Consequently, there is a relevant difference between these two groups that justifies focusing on the latter.
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