Energy aware techniques for certain problems in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Islam, Md Kamrul
Wireless Sensor Networks , Distributed Algorithms , Energy Aware Techniques , Local Algorithms
Recent years have witnessed a tremendous amount of research in the field of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) due to their numerous real-world applications in environmental and habitat monitoring, fire detection, object tracking, traffic controlling, industrial and machine-health control and monitoring, enemy-intrusion in military battlefields, and so on. However, reducing energy consumption of individual sensors in such networks and obtaining the expected standard of quality in the solutions provided by them is a major challenge. In this thesis, we investigate several problems in WSNs, particularly in the areas of broadcasting, routing, target monitoring, self-protecting networks, and topology control with an emphasis on minimizing and balancing energy consumption among the sensors in such networks. Several interesting theoretical results and bounds have been obtained for these problems which are further corroborated by extensive simulations of most of the algorithms. These empirical results lead us to believe that the algorithms may be applied in real-world situations where we can achieve a guarantee in the quality of solutions with a certain degree of balanced energy consumption among the sensors.
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