Teaching an Invisible Subject: Educating Instructors about Copyright

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Zerkee, Jennifer
Copyright , Post-secondary institutions , Faculty , Canada , Academic libraries , Education
This session will share results of the presenter’s Canada-wide survey of university copyright administrators, which explored the following research questions: How are copyright officers, copyright librarians, and other copyright administrators reaching instructors with information about copyright and how it affects their teaching? What are the most common methods of educating instructors, and how are these opportunities advertised? How effective do copyright educators feel their instructional methods are at giving instructors the information they need to find, use, and create teaching materials confidently? Many respondents feel, like the presenter, that they are not reaching enough faculty with copyright information. While no one has a perfect solution, many are starting to plan education more strategically, reaching out to faculty through their departments and working with deans or provosts to lend copyright messaging more weight.
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