Attrition, Retention, and Development of Early Career Teachers: Pan-Canadian Narratives

dc.contributor.authorKutsyuruba, Benjaminen
dc.contributor.authorWalker, Keithen
dc.contributor.authorMakhamreh, Maha Alen
dc.contributor.authorStasel, Rebecca Strouden
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dc.description.abstractOur pan-Canadian research study examined the differential impact of teacher induction and mentorship programs on the early-career teachers’ retention. This article details the stories from our interview participants (N=36) in relation to what their lived experiences were during their first years of teaching and how they dealt with the requirements, expectations, and challenges. Their narratives were analyzed through the lenses of early career teacher attrition, retention, and development. Our findings showed that despite geographic, contextual and policy differences, there were striking similarities in teachers’ lived experiences and in the impact of these experiences on their decisions to stay or leave and predispositions towards personal and professional development as teachers.en
dc.identifier.citationKutsyuruba, B., Walker, K., Al Makhamreh, M., & Stroud Stasel, R. (2018). Attrition, retention, and development of early career teachers: Pan-Canadian narratives. In Education, 24(1), 43-71.
dc.subjectEarly Career Teacheren
dc.subjectTeacher Developmenten
dc.subjectTeacher Induction and Mentoringen
dc.titleAttrition, Retention, and Development of Early Career Teachers: Pan-Canadian Narrativesen
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