Validation of the Child Sport Cohesion Questionnaire

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Martin, Luc J.
Carron, Albert V.
Eys, Mark A.
Loughead, Todd M.
Cohesiveness , Group Dynamics , Children , Measurement , Validity
The purpose of the present study was to test the validity evidence of the Child Sport Cohesion Questionnaire (CSCQ). To accomplish this task, convergent, discriminant, and known-group difference validity were examined, along with factorial validity via confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). Child athletes (N = 290, Mage  = 10.73 ± 1.13 years) from six elementary schools completed the CSCQ (Martin, Carron, Eys, & Loughead, 2012 ), a sport satisfaction questionnaire (Duda & Nicholls, 1992 ), the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory—2 Children (Stadulis, MacCracken, Eidson, & Severance, 2002 ), and a Self-Efficacy Questionnaire—Soccer (Munroe-Chandler & Hall, 2004 ). Results indicated that cohesion was positively related to satisfaction and negatively related to anxiety in children, providing support for convergent validity. Additionally, as hypothesized, social cohesion was less correlated to self-efficacy than task cohesion, supporting discriminant validity. Finally, support for the factorial validity of the CSCQ was demonstrated through acceptable fit indices.
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