Electron spin resonance spectrum of pyrene and N,N-dimethylaniline free radicals

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Kingsley, Max
Mast, Madelynn
McLeish, Brody
Pressman-Cyna, Ry
Widmer, Megan
In this experiment, the objective was to use ESR to determine the minimum number of quantum entanglements that occur in a free-radical system. This was done by creating a saw-tooth shaped magnetic field generator that sweeps through a sample with a strong ESR spectrum. This sample can produce a spectrum based on the interaction between the electromagnetic radiation and the sample’s varying magnetic dipole movement. This spectrum is used to study the state changes of the specific sample used when irradiated with UV light. This sample can then be monitored with a photo-multiplier tube to measure the number of quantum entanglements that can be analyzed against the state changes. Although time constraints did not allow for us to complete the data collection or analysis part of the experiment, we were able to build the components required, create some theoretical data models, and create the arduino code to run the components we built.
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