Madonna and Child

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Unknown Lombard artist
Madonna and Child , Mary , Jesus , Throne of Wisdom
This early fourteenth-century painted wood (poplar) sculpture of the Madonna and Child is in poor condition. Jesus' left hand and right arm are not original (though they are from the same period). The bottom of the Madonna's skirts and the throne do not survive, and the polychromy is only left in some parts of the sculpture, whereas in others the roughly carved bare wood is showing. (Originally, the wood was covered with stucco, and then paint and gilding, and so more refined details would have been finished in the stucco layer. The sculpture is made of two pieces of wood, one for the Madonnas head, torso, and arms, and the other for the baby, hands, and drapery on the Madonna's lap, held together with glue and wooden pegs. The rather formal image of the Madonna enthroned and crowned, evokes her role as Queen of Heaven and the idea of the Throne of Wisdom. Photograph(s) licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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