Practical Implementation of Transformative Learning in the Adult English as a Second Language Classroom

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Fahim, Rasha
ESL , Adult learning , Transformative Learning
The purpose of this project is to design a resource informed by Transformative Learning Theory for teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL), It provides a practical resource for ESL instructors to use in their adult ESL classrooms. There is an abundance of resources for ESL instructors that focuses on language, but limited resources for teachers interested in teaching their ESL learners through the transformative learning lens. Learning another language, especially in immersion programs, is a challenging experience for learners because of the assimilation they experience into the new culture. Using insights from Transformative Learning theory, educators can become more informed of what their learners may experience and what they can offer to facilitate their learning experience. This resource will provide teachers with some essential tools and knowledge to allow them to facilitate their students’ learning experience by incorporating the transformative learning perspective in their teachings. Learning English as a second language in Canada involves more than just the language component and this is what the Transformative Learning Theory encompasses. Six lesson plans were designed for adult ESL classes advanced level with objectives informed by the Transformative Learning Theory. There are also additional practical resources that ESL instructors can use such as rubrics, an annotated bibliography and mobile applications to facilitate Transformative Learning.
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