Dissemination and implementation of national physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and/or sleep guidelines among community-dwelling adults aged 18 years and older: a systematic scoping review and suggestions for future reporting and research

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Tomasone, Jennifer
24-hour Movement Guidelines , Activité physique , Application des connaissances , Comportement sédentaire , Diffusion , Directives en matière de mouvement sur 24 heures , Dissemination , Implementation , Knowledge translation , Mise en œuvre , Physical activity , Sedentary behaviour , Sleep , Sommeil
Strategies for dissemination (purposive distribution of a guideline to specific audiences) and implementation (actions to support the general public in meeting guideline recommendations/behavioural benchmarks) of national movement guidelines (physical activity (PA), sedentary behaviour, and sleep) have yet to be synthesized. The purpose of this systematic scoping review was to identify strategies for dissemination and implementation of national PA, sedentary behaviour, and/or sleep guidelines among community-dwelling adults (aged >18 years) and/or stakeholders in Canada and analogous countries. Five search approaches (e.g., published literature, grey literature, targeted web-based, custom Google, and content expert consultation) identified records (e.g., empirical studies, organizational reports, website pages, or guideline messages) that discussed and/or evaluated dissemination or implementation strategies for a prespecified list of guidelines. A modified strategy classification system was developed to chart the data. Forty-seven reports met inclusion criteria. Dissemination strategies (n = 42) were more frequently reported than implementation strategies (n = 24). Implementation strategies were more frequently evaluated (n = 13 vs. 7 dissemination strategies) and associated with positive outcomes. The 13 studies that evaluated strategies were at high or serious risk of bias. We identified limited information about the dissemination and implementation of national movement guidelines and identified strategies were rarely evaluated. Greater efforts are required to increase the impact of guidelines among the general public and stakeholders and to build the evidence base in this field. (Open Science Framework registration: https://osf.io/4tyw3.) Novelty An adapted movement guideline dissemination and implementation strategy classification framework is provided. Knowledge translation efforts should be documented and evaluated to advance science and practice in the movement guideline field.