Transposing Resonance: Towards an Embodied Poetics of Music

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LaPierre, Megan
poetics , writing , music , musicology , musical experience , listening , embodied listening , language , transposition , writing about music , resonance
My project seeks to reenergize the capacity of the written word to relay differentially embodied musical experiences. I theorize writing of, and writing for, music as a processual act of transposition, working through the intuited shortfall and transposing resonance into language that both preserves melodic identity and amends through personal narrative. With the approaches of musicology and popular music studies in mind, as well as pursuing other artistic and interpersonal tools within and beyond academia, I argue that this writing practice can expand the emotional lexes of readers/listeners, adding to the multilayered experience of music, leaving embodied indentations and incantations to follow— nothing t(oo)uneful(l) to remain untraced. This preliminary literature review provides an overview of how writers in various fields have approached the topic of musical discourse. These texts equip me with the philosophies, intentions, and language to analyze exemplary writing on music, compiling methods that I will eventually try to replicate and redevelop in my own writing practice.
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