Limited Evidence Suggests That Gel Cushions Are More Effective Than Foam Cushions For Providing Pressure Relief

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Schwartz, Tara
Pressure Ulcer , Pillows and Cushions , Wheelchairs
CLINICAL QUESTION: In a population of individuals who use wheelchairs daily and are at risk for pressure sores, are gel-filled cushions more effective than foam cushions for providing pressure relief? CLINICAL BOTTOM LINE: There does not seem to be enough evidence to support or reject the use of a gel cushion over a foam cushion in order to provide Anne with better pressure relief. However, since the RCT suggested that gel cushions are better pressure relievers than foam, and the design has a low likelihood that the results are due to chance, I would trust its results. In addition, the population involved in the RCT were similar to Anne as they were 60 years of age or older and sat in a wheelchair for a minimum of four hours/day. Therefore, I would prescribe a gel cushion for Anne.
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