Exploring Equity in Ontario: A Provincial Scan of Equity Policies Across School Boards

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Shewchuk, Samantha Jo
Cooper, Amanda
K–12 Education , Equity , Policy , Knowledge Mobilization , LGBTQ2+
Canada—and Ontario, in particular—is proud to be characterized as one of the most equitable education systems in the world. However, diversity poses unique challenges for Canadian education systems. This study presents findings from an environmental scan of equity policies across the 72 school boards in Ontario, which yielded 785 equity policies for analysis. Data extraction focused on five dimensions of knowledge mobilization:structures, brokering, co-production, dissemination, and exchange. Findings show that many topics remain under-represented in school board policy coverage, including religious accommodation, antiracism and ethno-cultural discrimination, anti-discrimination procedures for LGBTQ2+ students, gender identity, and socio-economic status.
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