Integrating ICT in Teaching and Learning

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Mercier-Laurent, Eunika
Bereiter, Carl
Scardamalia, Marlene
Jonassen, David
Roulet, Geoffrey
Egnatoff, William J.
Laferriere, Therese
educational technology , computers , AI , integrating technology , instructional issues
The proliferation of virtual learning environments in every sphere of education, the impact of artificial intelligence, and the worldwide imperative to integrate ICT in teaching and learning processes motivated us to invite distinguished international experts to share their work in technology and education. The uniqueness of this issue resides in the dialogue between technological developers, educational researchers, and educators, all of whom have had their own interest in the transformative role of ICT in its relationship with the learner. -Rosa Bruno-Jofre, Queen’s University and Romulo Magsino, University of Manitoba
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