Chiral Polymer Photodetector

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Zhang, Yiwei
Polymer , Circular Polarized Light , Chirality , Limonene , Chiral induction , Photodetector
A polymer photodetector is fabricated using polythiophene with chiral alkyl side chains. The Cotton effect is observed in the CD spectrum of the photodetector, indicating an unequal absorbance of left- and right-handed circular polarized light (CPL). The photodetector is proven to be able to identify incident left- and right-handed CPL. Polymer photodetectors that are made from R- and S-limonene induced achiral polymers are fabricated. A “hot spin-coating” process is introduced to cast uniform limonene induced polymer films. As a result of chirality transfer, Cotton effects are also observed in these photodetectors’ CD spectra. A model is suggested to explain the chirality generation of the polythiophene with chiral alkyl side chains and limonene induced achiral polymers.
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