Point-in-Time Evaluations of Ontario Municipal Official Plans: Counties

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Sood, Asheika
Viswanathan, Leela
Urban and Regional Planning , Ontario , Municipal Official Plans , Indigenous Peoples , Policy Analysis , Counties
This data was gathered and evaluated as part of a point-in-time study of Ontario municipal Official Plans (OPs) for single tier municipalities, regional municipalities, and counties for the Planning With Indigenous Peoples (PWIP) Research Group by Asheika Sood, Research Assistant and Leela Viswanathan, Principal Investigator These tables list inclusions of Indigenous peoples in Official Plans by keyword: First Nation, Indigenous, Aboriginal, and Metis (searched without the accent for the purposes of the study). These inclusions are listed in the respective sections with the Number of Hits of each keyword and the page number and section within which the inclusion is found. Please refer to the document “Introduction to Point-In-Time Evaluation of OPs” to obtain information on how to read the tables.
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