Circumstances of Evil: Hitler and the Road to World War II

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MacNeil, Sarah
Furlano, Jessica
Cause and Consequence , historical actors , cultural conditions , Hitler , World War II , power , manipulation , Great Depression , Treaty of Versailles , communism , casualties , Evidence , sourcing , Propaganda , WWII , historians , Primary Sources , Germany , Identity , Citizenship , Historical Significance , Historical Perspectives , voting simulation
Our objective is to introduce students to the preconditions of World War II in a thought-provoking manner. Using inquiry based activities within our lessons, we gradually allow for students to develop a deeper understanding of Hitler as a leader and his appeal to the German people. We explore the economic disparity of the population and prompt students throughout the lessons to think about how Canada would react in a similar situation. We analyze propaganda and ask students to find primary source documents to explore and compare, with particular emphasis on pre-war Canada during such task. We place value on teaching the students how to ask good questions and think critically about primary and secondary source material. We have accomplished the task of introducing students to the pre-conditions of WWII and have contextualized the events and trends that occurred leading to Hitler’s eventual invasion of Poland in 1939 through interactive simulations and historical thinking processes.
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