Angels Adoring the Eucharist

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Andrea della Robbia, Workshop of
Angels , Eucharist
This glazed terracotta relief, attributed to the workshop of Andrea della Robbia in the late fifteenth century, was originally the predella of an altarpiece. As a predella, the glazed terracotta chalice with the consecrated host would sit directly on the altar, behind were the actual chalice would be used and host consecrated during the mass. The blue background, yellow of the chalice (signifying gold in this case) and the creen and dark purple of the encircling wreath all serve to emphasize the whiteness of the wafer that becomes, through the mass, the body of Christ. Theologians emphasized that the wafer does not become Christ's body in outward appearances but in inner substance. Nevertheless, many commented upon how the pure white of the wafer was appropriate to this function. Currently housed in the Museo di Santa Croce in Florence, the predella was previously in the Cappella Medici in Santa Croce. Photograph(s) licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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