CO2-Triggered Switchable Solvent Systems and Their Applications

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Phan, Lam
Switchable , Carbon Dioxide
This thesis begins with the introduction of solvents and their classification. The two solvent system studied here are switchable polarity solvents (SPS). A switchable polarity solvent is a liquid where its polarity can change between two forms by a trigger. These two solvent systems have several similar characteristics. First, they both require CO2 as the switching agent, which can be switched back by its removal with heat or N2. The first project is the continuation of previous work with using an amidine and alcohol mixtures as a switchable polarity solvent. The second project was the development of a new switchable polarity solvent that is based on the reaction of a secondary amine with CO2. Both solvent systems are fully characterized by many analytical techniques and examples of applications in chemical reaction and separation are outlined. The final project involves using these solvent systems, among others, in the separation of soybean oil. The aim was to use SPS technology to extract soybean oil from the bean flakes, and then separate the oil from the extracting solvent.
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