Markets as Struggle: the Circulation and Construction of Charter School Markets in the United States

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Cohen, Dan
United States , Market-based education reform , Charter schools , Race to the Top Program , RTTP
This chapter explores how one market-based education reform promoted by RTTP, charter schools, has spread across the United States, as well as the place-specific politics that have shaped how charter school markets function differentially across state lines. In doing so, it speaks to some of the core themes of this collection by exploring the ways in which these (particular, not generic) markets have been instituted through laws, politics and governing bodies as well as contested through the mobilization of alternative logics specific to education. This is accomplished by drawing on a blend of Polanyian and cultural Marxist scholarship promoted by Burawoy (2003) as ‘sociological Marxism’ and to underscore how markets emerge as the outcome of geographically distinct struggles.
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