El código disciplinar de la historia escolar en España: algunas ideas para la explicación de la sociogénesis de una materia de enseñanza.

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Cuesta, Raimundo
History , Curriculum , Tradition , Educational sociology , Elitism , Social construction , Ideology , Nationalism , Education , Spain
This paper explains the heuristic potential of the concept of disciplinary code, when applied to the study of the sociological origins of History teaching in Spain. The disciplinary code of History as a subject - seen as an invented social tradition - began in the middle of the nineteenth century. Its main features - archaism, nationalism, elitism and rote learning - survived during the period of traditional-elitist education model, which lasted in Spain until the 1960s. It went through a revision process, more apparent than real, under the education reforms of 1970 and 1990, a period in which the technocratic mass education model prevailed. Traditional teaching styles continued while reforms were being implemented. They prevail with even greater strength today, reaffirmed by conservative education policies, which aim at a tighter control over the curriculum, by returning to the old norms of the disciplinary code.
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