Advancing Short-Term Student Mobility: A Resource For International Education Professionals

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Volford, Csilla
Short-term student mobility is an underexplored phenomenon within the field of international education. Short-term student mobility usually refers to students spending a part of their studies in another country but ultimately returning to the place where they began their studies to complete the degree. This project explores the importance of short-term student mobility in OECD countries by examining how prominently it features in these countries’ education strategies, research strategies, and international education strategies. Using document analysis, this project analyzes the content about internationalization and short-term student mobility within each country’s policy terrain. By analyzing strategic documents issued by national governments of OECD countries, short-term student mobility was explored, and any funding scheme attached to it was extracted. This project resulted in a series of country profiles that provide a summary analysis of each country’s strategy related to short-term student mobility and indication of any funding in support of it. The country profiles serve as a resource for professionals in international education interested in growing student participation in short-term student mobility and gaining quick access to the strategies employed by national governments. Through the analysis of each country’s international education strategy or education strategy containing international elements, results demonstrated that 12 OECD countries have international education strategies directly in support of short-term student mobility, 20 OECD countries encourage short-term student mobility through strategic documents related to education generally or strategic reports, and eight OECD countries do not have any strategic documents in support of short-term mobility.
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