Virgin Nursing the Child (Our Lady of Graces)

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Angelo Viva
Madonna and Child , Our Lady of Grace , Nursing , Latte
The Virgin Nursing the Child (also referred to as the Madonna of Grace), is attributed to the Neapolitan sculptor Angelo Viva, who was active between 1748-1837. The bust is comprised of papier-mâché, a common material for devotional sculptures in Salento during this time period. Its exceptional craftsmanship, however, combined with its bright colours and neoclassical style indicates its Neapolitan manufacture. The sculpture's naturalistic form gives it a liveliness that is enhanced by the its combination of diverse materials. The Madonna's face, turned slightly to the right and bowed, provides a sense of motion that is carried through by dangling silver and ivory earrings and the draped cloth of her dress and mantle, which were subsequently plastered into place. The painted floral decoration on her clothing imitates embroidery. Both the Madonna's hands and the Baby Jesus are made of wood. The eyes are made of crystal. Its cautious attribution to Angelo Viva considers the artist's other works in which stone and papier-mâché materials are similarly combined, such as in his statues of Apollo, Minerva, Mercury and the nine muses, which are located in the Royal Palace of Naples. The statue was purchased by the Pinacoteca Provinciale Corrado Giaquinto in 2006.Photograph(s) licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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