England's alarm! On the prevailing doctrine of libels, as laid down by the Earl of Mansfield : in a letter to His Lordship by a country gentleman : to which is added by way of appendix, the celebrated Dialogue between a gentleman and a farmer, written by Sir William Jones : with remarks thereon, and on the case of the Dean of St. Asaph [i.e. W.D. Shipley]

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Dawes, M. (Manasseh), d.1829.
Libel and slander Great Britain History 18th century. , Trials (Libel) Great Britain History 18th century. , Shipley, William Davies, 1745-1826. , Jones, William, Sir, 1746-1794. Principles of government, in a dialogue between a gentleman & a farmer , Mansfield, William Murray, Earl of, 1705-1793.