The endothelial lectin clearance receptor CLEC4M binds and internalizes factor VIII in a VWF-dependent and independent manner

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Swystun, Laura L.
Notley, Colleen
Georgescu, Ilinca
Lai, Jesse D.
Nesbitt, Kate
James, Paula D.
Lillicrap, David
endocytosis , endothelial cell , Factor VIII , glycan , lectin receptor , von Willebrand factor
Essentials CLEC4M is an endocytic receptor for factor FVIII. CLEC4M interacts with FVIII in a VWF-dependent and independent manner. CLEC4M binds to mannose-containing glycans on FVIII. CLEC4M internalization of FVIII involves clathrin coated pits. Summary Background von Willebrand factor (VWF) and factor VIII (FVIII) circulate in the plasma as a non-covalent complex, and the majority of FVIII is likely to be cleared by VWF-dependent pathways. Clearance of VWF-free FVIII is rapid and underlies the pathological basis of some quantitative FVIII deficiencies. The receptor pathways that regulate the clearance of VWF-bound and VWF-free FVIII are incompletely uncharacterized. The human liver-expressed endothelial lectin CLEC4M has been previously characterized as a clearance receptor for VWF, although its influence on FVIII is unknown. Objective The interaction between FVIII and CLEC4M was characterized in the presence or absence of VWF. Methods FVIII interactions with CLEC4M were evaluated by in vitro cell-based and solid phase binding assays. Interactions between FVIII and CLEC4M or liver sinusoidal endothelial cells were evaluated in vivo by immunohistochemistry. Results CLEC4M-expressing HEK 293 cells bound and internalized recombinant and plasma-derived FVIII through VWF-dependent and independent mechanisms. CLEC4M binding to recombinant FVIII was dependent on mannose-exposed N-linked glycans. CLEC4M mediated FVIII internalization via a clathrin-coated pit-dependent mechanism, resulting in transport of FVIII from early and late endosomes for catabolism by lysosomes. In vivo hepatic expression of CLEC4M after hydrodynamic liver transfer was associated with a decrease in plasma levels of endogenous murine FVIII:C in normal mice, whereas infused recombinant human FVIII was associated with sinusoidal endothelial cells in the presence or absence of VWF. Conclusions These findings suggest that CLEC4M is a novel clearance receptor that interacts with mannose-exposed glycans on FVIII in the presence or absence of VWF.