Core French in Eastern Ontario: a language-minority student's experience

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Garbati, Jordana Francesca
French , Education , Core French , Language-minority learner
This qualitative case study was conducted to learn about the experiences of one language-minority student learning French in a core French class in Eastern Ontario. In-class observations and interviews with the language-minority learner (LML), his guardian, his teachers and principal were conducted over a six-week period. The data collected helped to create a thick description of the LML’s experiences. The results of the study show that the institution, family and friends all play a role in the LML’s experiences in learning French. It was found that the use and availability of resources, possible curriculum modifications, and effective teaching and learning strategies for language-minority students are important factors affecting the experiences of the LML. This study shows that peers have a strong influence on the experiences of the LML in learning French in the core French context. Finally, the Canadian School Stay program came under scrutiny and information was gleaned from the regional coordinator. Suggestions are made for improved content delivery and further research.
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