AppaaS: Provisioning of Context-Aware Mobile Applications as a Service

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Ejaz, Ali
Context Aware Services , Computing
The global mobile application market is booming in all directions and business giants, viz. Google and Apple, have acknowledged the huge expansion in their Application Market and App Store. There is a demand though for a system that can elevate the momentum of context-aware mobile applications, where an application’s behavior is customized according to context information. This thesis proposes a context-aware system that provides mobile Applications as a Service (AppaaS). AppaaS handles various context information including location information, user profile, device profile, user ratings, and current time to provision the best relevant mobile application to such a context. AppaaS also supports state preservation, where application-specific data that is relevant to a user is stored for future reference. Our prototype demonstrates a seamless system performance with respect to finding relevant applications to a specific context and controlling the applications functions according the users requirements and access privileges. We also demonstrate how AppaaS can preserve an applications state when a user is to reuse the same application again.
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