Explicit Vocabulary Instruction For Kindergarten Students

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Davis, Marijane
vocabulary development , vocabulary instruction , kindergarten , curriculum unit
Learning to read begins at home as children hear their families talk and interact with one another (Hart & Risely, 1995). By age three children living in advantaged homes hear three times as many words as children living in disadvantaged homes (Hart & Risely, 1995). Words that are not heard cannot be learned (Biemiller, 2007). This can impact a child’s ability to comprehend written text as reading requires the ability to not only decode written words but also the ability to understand word meaning. This project summarizes the research on the factors that promote a pre-school child’s vocabulary development and the research on vocabulary instruction throughout the early school years. Research on curriculum design is also summarized and a curriculum unit was developed based on the principles of backwards design and evidence based instructional approaches to teach vocabulary explicitly in kindergarten.
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