Canada at War 1939-1945

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Sequeria, Josh
Apokatanidis, Apostolos Paul
Canadian women , First Nations , World War II , French vs. English Canada
This resource pack will help students uncover a multitude of historical perspectives from Canadians during WWII. Through utilizing the six historical thinking concepts, students will be exposed to the true nature of World War Two by looking through the lens of the past in terms of Canadian men and women. However, the students will learn that Canadians did not only fight the war across the globe, but more so, the unit will focus upon war at the home front. The lessons are intricately connected and geared to help students demonstrate a deep knowledge of Canada’s successful war effort but also, it’s struggle amongst the English and French Canadian ethnicities as well as its first Nations. Furthermore, topics such as conscription, letters home from soldiers are just a short list of the items students will engage with throughout the unit. Students will also be exposed to a variety of primary sources in attempting to understand the historical significance, continuity and change, evidence, historical perspective, cause and consequence and finally ethical dimensions.
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