American History, 1877-1945

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Houghton, Lexie
Jones, Courtney
Kinsman, Katie
Continuity and Change , Ethical Dimension , Gender , Suffrage Movement , Alice Stone Blackwell , 19th Amendment , 1920s , Historical Significance , Evidence , Multiple Perspectives , African Americans , Eugene Williams , Historical Perspective , Continuity and Change , Immigration , Immigration Act of 1924 , Political Cartoons , Cause and Consequence , Stock Market Crash , Black Tuesday , FDR , New York Times
This resource package explores American History from 1877-1945, with a specific focus on curriculum strand D.2 Communities Conflict and Cooperation. Each lesson focuses on a specific expectation and covers the topics of women’s suffrage, African American Race relations, immigration and the stock market crash of 1929. Each lesson challenges the students to “do” history by engaging in the work through discovering stories through various primary sources. This is not meant to be used as a unit, rather lessons that can be used independently from each other.
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