Madonna and Child with Saints Anthony Abbot and Job and God the Father

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Andrea della Robbia, Workshop of
Madonna , Mary , Child , St. Anthony Abbot , Job , God the Father
This glazed terracotta altarpiece in San Pietro, Radicofani is one of many depicting the Madonna and Child and Saints made by Andrea della Robbia's workshop. The very successful formula used here and across Tuscany was to depict the Madonna and Child and saints in brilliant white glaze, set against a blue ground, and framed by classical architecture (in this case enlivened by three-dimensional and multi-coloured fruit in the pilasters). The more elevated figures are pure white, the mere border a more earthly polychromy. The Virgin Mary is emphasized here, larger than the other figures (especially if you imagine her standing), crowned by angels, and seated on a purple throne, her feat resting on a blue cushion. God the Father, above in the lunette, raises his hand in blessing and holds a book with the alpha and omega, while angels adore him. Photograph(s) licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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