Keeping Heritage Afloat: A Planning Framework and Evaluation Toolkit for Floodplain Management of Built Heritage

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Maugeri, Michael
Comprehensive landscape planning , Cultural heritage , Cultural production
This research report addresses the urgent need to protect Ontario’s built heritage resources from the escalating threat of floodplain inundation, which is continuously exacerbated by climate change. Through a central inquiry into enhancing resilience against flood events, this research report aims to develop innovative planning strategies, policies, and guidelines. The research objectives involve investigating existing resilience strategies and crafting a tailored framework for floodplain management of built heritage resources. Drawing on an extensive literature and policy review, and case studies analyses, the framework integrates historic conservation and preservation with disaster mitigation, offering practical guidance for policymakers and professionals. Key components include contextualization, stakeholder engagement, risk assessment, developing mitigation strategies, implementation and monitoring, emergency preparedness, and recovery and rehabilitation. Additionally, an evaluation toolkit was developed to assess the quality and effectiveness of floodplain management strategies for built heritage resources, ensuring alignment with goals and monitoring mechanisms. This comprehensive approach supports an informed decision-making process for safeguardiung Ontario’s built heritage resources in flood-prone areas.
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