Second Place at the Polish Pow Wow

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Twarowski, Tyler
Métis cultural rediscovery
Abstract This paper begins with an Indigenous buffalo teaching. It is followed by aspects of my own story of Métis cultural rediscovery. My hope is this will provide insight into why I am undertaking this writing, as well as provide a means to share information. The hypothesis of this thesis indicates that there exists a gap in knowledge and approach in education which can lead to reduced participation and success from Métis learners. A core premise indicates reclaiming a healthy and prideful identity is beneficial for learning success for Métis, both in formal educational settings, as well as informal and lifelong learning endeavors. This thesis was designed to provide some understanding of the meaningfulness of reclaiming a Métis identity. The questions informing this study are: How does story provide insight on Métis learning? Considering Métis history, what are ways to strengthen Métis positive identity in formal education settings? What emerges from the author’s story that may broaden understanding of Métis learning and transformative mindset? Several themes were identified and discussed related to these questions. This thesis is organized around several chapters, each containing stories that weave in and out of the points I want to make about Métis identity, features lost and reclaimed, and education for Métis people.
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