Managing Connection Costs in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

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Taha, Abd-Elhamid M.
Hassanein, Hossam S.
Mouftah, Hussein T.
Wireless Overlay Networks , Heterogeneous Wireless Networks , Vertical Handovers , Connectivity Cost
Common Radio Resource Management techniques have shown great promise in both enhancing network operation and user satisfication. Such gains are achieved through the joint management of the individual access technologies in a Heterogeneous Wireless Network. The objective of this work is to expand on the existing body of work to accommodate heterogeneity not just at the traditional access‐network level but to other connectivity modes such as dynamic spectrum access. Such modes affect operator profitability in both the long and short terms. Specifically, we explore the design of a cost‐management model that adapts to the short‐term variability in connectivity costs. We also display the operational aspects and effectiveness of this functionality through both simulation and an analytical model.
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