Social, Economic, and Political Context Canada: A Resource Pack on Canadian Society, Economy, and Politics from 1929-1945

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Vuckovic, Alexia
Franklin, Laura
Stock Market Crash, , economic trends , economic developments , historical significance , Black Tuesday , social implications , New York Stock Exchange , Primary Source Documents , political cartoons
This resource pack uses Seixas and Morton’s The Big Six: Historical Thinking Concepts to explore the social, economic, and political effects of the Interwar period on Canadian history. Students will engage with Primary Source Documents to foster historical mindedness. Through collaborative activities, discussions, personal connections, and scaffolded lessons, students will engage with material focused on The Great Depression and the Interwar Period. This resource pack includes lessons on Historical Significance, Historical Perspectives, Cause and Consequence, and Continuity and Change, and invites students to discover areas of interest in Canadian history. Students will help students develop inquiry thinking skills and to challenge the myths of our nation.
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