The "ABCs of AD": A pilot test of an online educational module to increase use of the autonomic dysreflexia clinical practice guidelines among paramedic and nurse trainees

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Tomasone, Jennifer
Martin Ginis, Kathleen A.
Pulkkinen, Wayland
Krassioukov, Andrei
Autonomic dysreflexia , Clinical practice guidelines , Knowledge translation , Psychological theory , Spinal cord injuries
Context/objective: Despite availability of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs), gaps in autonomic dysreflexia (AD) knowledge and practice persist. A free, online educational module, the "ABCs of AD", was developed to improve knowledge of the AD-CPGs among emergency healthcare personnel. We examine short-term changes in paramedic and nurse trainees' knowledge of, and social cognitions towards using, the AD-CPGs following module completion. Design: Pre-post. Methods: Thirty-four paramedic and nurse trainees from two training programs in Canada completed measures immediately before and after viewing the online "ABCs of AD" module. Outcome measures: AD knowledge test; Theory of Planned Behavior social cognition questionnaire; module feedback survey. Results: Paired samples t-tests revealed significant increases in participants' AD knowledge test scores (M ± SDpre = 9.00 ± 2.46, M ± SDpost = 12.03 ± 4.07, P < 0.001; d = 0.84). Prior to viewing the module, participants reported positive social cognitions for using the AD-CPGs (all Ms ≥ 4.84 out of 7). From pre- to post-module, no significant changes were seen in participants' social cognitions for using the AD-CPGs. Participants' average module viewing time was 36.73 ± 24.17 minutes (range 8-90 minutes). There was a decline in viewing from the first to the last module sections, with only half of participants viewing all six sections. Conclusion: Knowledge alone is insufficient for clinical behavior change; as such, social cognitive determinants of behavior should be explicitly targeted in future iterations of the module to increase the likelihood of increased use of the AD-CPGs. To engage viewers across all module sections, the "ABCs of AD" module should include supplementary learning strategies, such as interactive quizzes and peer-to-peer interaction.