Dielectric Resonator Antenna on Printed Circuit Board

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Lan, Ruilin
Dielectric resonator antenna , Printed circuit board , RDRA , sol-gel
With the increased demand for high efficiency wireless communication systems, there is a requirement to develop the antenna systems that are effective and dependable. Instead of a traditional metallic antenna, a dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) could be a better solution to meet these applications. As a tiny and compact antenna is desired for current applications, more and more on-chip designs are being developed. A rectangular dielectric resonator antenna (RDRA) set on printed circuit board (PCB) with a finite ground plane is prototyped to demonstrate on-chip application. One benefit of the on-board RDRA is that it allows for circuits underneath, both for on-chip and multi-chip applications. This makes for an efficient design and a more compact system. For modeling purposes, the on-chip circuit was designed on printed circuit board. The prototype DRA has a resonant frequency at 10GHz with a bandwidth about 200MHz. It is coupled by using coplanar feed under the DRA. The DRAs are made of Barium Strontium Titanate (๐ต๐‘Ž2๐‘‡๐‘–9๐‘‚20) ceramic. Two types of RDRA were prototyped, a full size circuit ground plane as an initial design but with possibly some undesired radiation, and a T-shaped circuit ground plane design to study the ground plane effect. The two RDRA prototypes were optimized in HFSS to obtain the dimension of the PCB as well as the dielectric resonator. Then the RDRA was constructed from a ๐ต๐‘Ž2๐‘‡๐‘–9๐‘‚20 ceramic and a FR4 PCB. The simulated S11 for both were around -25dB and the measured S11 for both RDRA were around -35dB. The resonant frequencies for constructed RDRAs shifted from 10GHz to around 10.6GHz when using wax to bond the DR. When using sol-gel composite to bond, the resonant frequency shifted to around 11GHz for T-shaped circuit ground RDRA. The gain was -4dB for the full circuit ground RDRA in TEฮด21 mode at 10.5GHz, 0dB for the T-shaped circuit ground RDRA in TEฮด21 resonant mode at 10.6GHz, and 3.6dB for the T-shaped circuit ground RDRA in TE1ฮด1 mode at 8.6GHz.
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