Cyberethics in action: Copyright, privacy, and media awareness teachers' guides

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Lee, Arthur
cyberethics , copyright , privacy , media awareness
New advancements in Information Communication Technology (ICT) have greatly impacted the way people interact with one another and the world. While ICT has led to many improvements, a number of problems involving ICT have also emerged, such as copyright infringement. These issues do not always experience the same level of moral adherence as their real world counterparts. For example copyright violations are not always associated with theft. The area of cyberethics examines these updated attitudes towards morally and ethically dubious acts and recommends cyberethics education for teachers to teach students ethical behaviour and values. Drawing from available literature, documents published by federal and private organizations, and credible online resources, this project develops three guides for instructors regarding the issues of: copyright, privacy, and media literacy. Each guide provides instructors with background information, lesson plan ideas, and additional resources for research and instruction. In this way, this project develops a useful tool to help instructors improve cyberethics education and address issues in ICT.
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