Building Your Eco Career: Engineering Skills for the Green Economy

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Duggan, Melissa
Engineering , Career , Career Skills , Green Economy
The focus of this project was to outline the importance of the green economy and the specific impact undergraduate engineers can have on the sustainable development of the global economy by entering green careers through Work-Integrated learning opportunities and post-graduation. It focused on how equity, diversity, inclusion, and indigeneity need to be at the forefront of engineering’s next step in the goal to achieve a net-zero green economy. Coupled with a workshop and take-away worksheet, the project aims to support engineering students in navigating the green economy, exploring their values and education against the predicted growth of the environmental sector in the coming 5-10 years. The intended goal is to support students in finding an employer that aligns with their values and career goals in developing a sustainable economy. We need liberal arts students to push the envelope on policy and change and we need engineers to design, create and implement sustainable operations on a large scale in their respective fields.
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