Activist Art Moving the Artist, Shaping the Work

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O'Reilly, Heather B.
Activist Art , Activism , Political Art , Social Justice , Artistic Collaboration , Artistic Process , Artistic Motivation
This multiple-case study examined the factors that influence activist artists in the production of their work. Four artists who were well established in their careers took part. The research was designed to gain insight into what motivates artists to become activists. The research methodology was rooted in qualitative hermeneutic phenomenological traditions with a descriptive, interpretative and exploratory approach, using data collected from in-depth interviews. This study sought to explore and synthesize common patterns and similarities of activist artists. Seven themes emerged: identity, place, and personality as style, life experience, world issues, community and change. Regarding activist artists using a variety of what is typically considered “style” to present their work, this study concluded that there are similarities that support the notion that activist artists can be seen as a group.
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