Hacia una educación intercultural: Enfoques y modelos

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Munoz Sedano, Antonio
multicultural education , intercultural education , educational models , educational frameworks
Pedagogical models are frameworks that guide researchers and educators. They are not neutral because they integrate theories, ideologies, objectives, values, and norms. This article analyzes and classifies educational models that deal with multiculturalism following four socio-political approaches: 1) cultural hegemony that includes three models, assimilationist, segregationist, and compensatory; 2) integrationist, which includes the non-racist education model and an emphasis on human relations; 3) recognition of the plurality of cultures which includes models of multicultural curriculum and orientation, and multicultural competencies; 4) interculturalist approaches, based on cultural symmetry and relying on anti-racist holistic intercultural education. It combines the advantages of antiracist and multicultural education within the context of an education for democracy with a global dimension.
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