Polymer micelles for the protection and delivery of specialized pro-resolving meditators

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de Prinse, Mitchell
specialized pro-resolving mediators , polymer biomaterials , micelles , in vitro release
Specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPM) play a pivotal role in the resolution of acute inflammation events and have recently gained interest as a treatment for chronic inflammation. Polymer micelles are a promising approach for the delivery of these SPMs as they can protect them from oxidative degradation as well as improve their bioavailability. In this study block copolymers of poly(ethylene glycol) and poly(trimethylene carbonate-5-benzyloxy-trimethylene carbonate) (P(TMC-BTMC)) were produced via ring-opening polymerization. The BTMC units were also modified with sorbic acid in an attempt to introduce additional interactions between the micelle core and the model drug linoleic acid. The block copolymers created formed stable micelles capable of high loading of linoleic acid. In vitro release of linoleic acid was observed over 4 weeks and showed no signs of a burst phase. The polymer micelles also reduced the extent of oxidation of linoleic acid prior to its release compared to a linoleic acid control.
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