World War I and Wartime Canada Through the Lens of The Big Six

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McCarthy, Meg
Lewis, Vicky
World War I , British Influence , Monarchy , Alliances , Global Perspectives on War , Enlistment , Conscription , Statute of Westminster , Military Service Act , Veterans , Post Traumatic Stress Disorder , Shell Shock , Remembrance Day
The purpose of this unit is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of Canada in World War I and World War I on a global scale. Lesson one focuses on the concept Evidence, as students will look at different textbooks to consider the changing causes of World War I. Lesson two is based on Continuity and Change and will teach students about Canada’s changing relationship with Britain in wartime and beyond. Lesson three is rooted in Cause and Consequence and revolves around the topic of alliances in World War I. In Lesson four, the concept of Historical Perspectives is used as a lens through which to learn about the differing mindsets of Canadian soldiers during World War I through archival research. Lesson five has students consider the Ethical Dimension of war, particularly focusing on enlistment and the conscription crisis of World War I. Finally, students will finish the unit with an ISU project about the lasting impact of World War I, including discussion of the psychological impact of war on veterans and our duty to honour their sacrifice on Remembrance Day and throughout the year (the lesson is based on Historical Significance). Students will have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities and discussions, including looking at different textbooks, playing the board game Risk, and considering related treaties, statutes, and interviews with veterans. By the end of the unit, students will have a firm grasp on each of the six historical thinking topics and how they apply to different aspects of The Great War.
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