A modest and impartial reply to a pamphlet lately published, entituled, A second series of facts and arguments, &cc. : with some remarks also on the occasional letter, and the Examination of the principles, &cc. : in which the great and important affair of the Hanau Treaty is fully discussed, and other points of consequence set in their true lights : in a letter to certain noble Lord

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Egmont, John Perceval, Earl of, 1711-1770. Second series of facts and arguments. , Egmont, John Perceval, Earl of, 1711-1770. Examination of the principles, and an enquiry into the conduct, of the two b------s ... , Newcastle, Thomas Pelham-Holles, Duke of, 1693-1768. , Pelham, Henry, 1695?-1754. , Great Britain Politics and government 1727-1760. , Great Britain Foreign relations Austria. , Austria Foreign relations Great Britain.