Ag nanoparticle-based efficiency enhancement in an inverted organic solar cell

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Salem, Dalila
Shalabi, Manal
Souissi, Fathi
Nemmar, Farida
Said Belkaid, Mohammed
Aamir, Muhammad
Nunzi, Jean-Michel
Organic solar cell , Inverted structure , Electron transport layer , Silver nanoparticles , Ag-NP doped ZnO
We demonstrate the improvement in performance of inverted organic solar cells fabricated with an Ag-nanoparticle (NP) modified ZnO-electron transport layer. Ag NP incorporation into the ZnO layer increases light harvesting efficiency of the solar device which untimely improves Jsc of the device. As a result, power conversion efficiency (PCE) of ZnO + Ag Np buffer layer based (ITO/ZnO:Ag NP/P3HT: PCBM/MoO3/Ag) device reaches 3.02 % which is 27 % higher than ITO/ZnO/P3HT: PCBM/ MoO3/Ag device and 55.6 % higher than the electron transfer layer(ETL) free (ITO/P3HT: PCBM/ MoO3/Ag) control device.