Historical Perspectives of the Holocaust Resource Pack

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Koebel, Brandon
Thurgood, Emily
Villemaire, Scott
Grade 10 applied academic , Historical Significance , Grade 12 university , Evidence , Ethical dimensions , Historical perspectives , Continuity and change , Holocaust , Primary sources , Cause and consequence
This resource toolkit is intended to be used with the Grade 10 Applied, Canadian History since World War 1 (CHC2P). The toolkit provides six separate lessons focusing on the “Big Six” found in Peter Seixas’ “The Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts.” Each lesson focuses on at least one of the “Big Six” and has full lesson plans, student handouts, some PowerPoint presentations, Primary and Secondary source documents. The overarching theme of the lessons is focusing on the Holocaust and the relevance and role of Canada and Canadian troops in the Holocaust. The lessons vary in time, and can be adjusted for time accordingly. These lessons are not limited to Grade 10 Applied History, and can be adapted to Academic or even Grade 12 University, The West and the World (CHY4U). Teachers are encouraged to adapt lessons according to students’ needs.
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